Pharaoh’s War - A Strategy PVP Game App Reviews

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Another Rip Off

Dont waste your time and money, unless you want to drain it down the toilet! Pay to win, endless waiting times, cheap game mechanics, boring game features.. Why cant developers think of something original these days?! This game has a so called "casino" right from the start on your map - this does say it all! DONT DOWNLOAD


App was fun until it started crashing and now it wont even load

Very nice game

It is a very nice game and the developers continuously improving it. Give it a try

Dont bother.

Downloaded the game and was excited to play... Until it stayed on the start page. Nothing happens. Uninstalled. Then reinstalled same thing. Waste of my time Nd not happy at all.


Its a good game but with a few bugs here and there. They should fix the alliance chat where it never gets deleted when you close the app. They also need to fix the map where things dont load quite as fast and signatures of cities are elsewhere than where they are suppose to be at. They also need to fix that daily event they have with the minions. It only lasts like 30 seconds. But overall its a good game to get into. IGN - Azul

Cool New Game

Ive played a lot of strategy games and this one is really good. Download now.

Very cool base building mmo rpg

Awesome them for a combat, war strategy game. Like how you can customize your army and wage war against other players online!


A really great strategy game where you level up and find ways to make your defense increase. Pretty fun game and not too bad looking

It crashes in 30seconds after logging

Please fix for ios 8.1, crash has just happened this morning

It is great

It is great game in my honest opinion, i tried to play several games like this but this is best game i ever played. It has simple gameplay with friendly interfect. So i can easy use with my friends. Thank to developer!


Great war game, very entertaining and addictive where the Best strategy will be the winner

Good game

I really like the games concept and it is super easy to learn and it has intuitive controls.

it is best game

In my honset opinion this game is best game i ever played. It is really funny with beautifully designed. THe Pharaoh is so cool with perfect graphics. I have a lot of fun when play it! Thank to developer!

Great fighting and base building game

Fun base building game with cool Pharaoh theme. Easy to play and pick up. Its fast moving do you arent stuck waiting all the time.

Love it!!

Very good surprise in this genre!


Great strategy game. Nice interface. Nice gameplay.


A great strategy game the graphics are well presented. Nice ancient theme, fun to play try it. Update: I didnt notice any crashes so far so good.

Very fun strategy game

Nice graphics and effects. Cool catchy music and smooth gameplay. It surprised me.


this game is so impressive to me. awesome pharaph theme, interesting strategy and building army as long as defending. cool

Funny game

In my honest opinion this game is really funny with perfect graphics and amazing sounds. I spend a lot of time to play it with my friends at home. Thank to developer!!

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